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Birds That Eats Fish In Ponds and Sea

Birds That Eats Fish In Ponds and Sea(with Images)

More than 300 species of birds consume fish. Among them are: kingfishers, penguins, pelicans, cormorants, herons, egrets, sea eagles, and storks are commonly eat sea fishes. While the fish eating birds like osprey, geese, ducks, and swans rely on ponds to hunt their prey. The bird is the most beautiful and blissful creature in the … Read more

Animals with Good Memory

Top 10 Animals with Good Memory

Memory is an exceedingly unique creation by God! The great civilization of humankind only being possible for their great, innovative, unstoppable brain. We, humans, are always feeling arrogant about our outstanding brainpower, but many of them had good memory also.  There are a variety of creatures that have great semantic memory. These include mammals such … Read more

Most Fat Animal in the World

The Most Fat Animal in the World

You may think the fattest animal in the world would be the elephant, but you’d be wrong. While elephants do have plenty of fat, they have nowhere near as much as the right contender… Blue whales! In fact, whales are often referred to as fat mammals because they can have up to 39% body fat. … Read more

Animals that Scream at Night

Animals that Scream Loudly at Night

Possums, parrots, monkeys, dogs —they’re all pretty noisy at night, but there are some animals that scream so loudly they can be heard from miles away. These nighttime creatures can be insects, amphibians to saves, and mammals. Nocturnal animals like foxes, wolves, cougars, owls, crickets, woodcocks, etc scream louder at night. Most of the time … Read more

Animals With Red Eyes

Top 14 Animals With Red Eyes

Knowing the color of an animal’s eyes can help you determine its state of health, its personality, and even whether it’s able to see well in the dark. At night, you can identify animals by their eye shape and color. Creatures are full of mystery and beauty. And, animals with red glowing eyes at night … Read more

Animals that Crawl With Pictures and Facts

28 Animals that Crawl With Pictures and Facts

Crawling means moving by using the hands, legs, knees, stomach, or dragging the body near the ground. From slithering snakes to wrinkly snails, many animals crawl instead of walking, fly or running. Most people think that only Reptiles can crawl. But if you look a little closer at the animal kingdom, you’ll find some truly … Read more

What Baby Rat Snakes Eat in Wild and Captivity

What do Baby Rat Snakes Eat?

Baby rat snakes are born with a voracious appetite. They will devour anything small enough to fit into their mouths. Baby rat snakes are carnivores and hunt their prey and kill by constriction. They eat mice, gerbils, rats, amphibians, birds, eggs, and even other small mammals. However, baby snakes have a slow metabolism and need … Read more

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