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Birds That Eats Fish In Ponds and Sea

Birds That Eats Fish In Ponds and Sea(with Images)

More than 300 species of birds consume fish. Among them are: kingfishers, penguins, pelicans, cormorants, herons, egrets, sea eagles, and storks are commonly eat sea fishes. While the fish eating birds like osprey, geese, ducks, and swans rely on ponds to hunt their prey. The bird is the most beautiful and blissful creature in the … Read more

Animals with Good Memory

Top 10 Animals with Good Memory

Memory is an exceedingly unique creation by God! The great civilization of humankind only being possible for their great, innovative, unstoppable brain. We, humans, are always feeling arrogant about our outstanding brainpower, but many of them had good memory also.  There are a variety of creatures that have great semantic memory. These include mammals such … Read more

Animals that Crawl With Pictures and Facts

28 Animals that Crawl With Pictures and Facts

Crawling means moving by using the hands, legs, knees, stomach, or dragging the body near the ground. From slithering snakes to wrinkly snails, many animals crawl instead of walking, fly or running. Most people think that only Reptiles can crawl. But if you look a little closer at the animal kingdom, you’ll find some truly … Read more

Farm Dogs for Chickens

The Best and Worst Farm Dogs for Chicken Guarding

Livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) are great at protecting their flock from predators. However, many people who own LGDs don’t realize the full potential of these amazing animals.  In this blog, we will discuss the best & Worst dog for guarding chickens. Importance of Dogs in Protecting Poultry Poultry-guardian dogs are amazing to have around when … Read more

Long Tail Animals

Top 10 Long Tail Animals of the World

If you are wondering about “which animal has the longest tail?” you are in the right place. Here we have listed the top 10 long tail animals in the world. Giraffes longest tail land mammal Sakabula also known as Widowbird is the longest tail bird Jerboa is longest tail robdients. Thresher Shark has the longest … Read more

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