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What Baby Rat Snakes Eat in Wild and Captivity

What do Baby Rat Snakes Eat?

Baby rat snakes are born with a voracious appetite. They will devour anything small enough to fit into their mouths. Baby rat snakes are carnivores and hunt their prey and kill by constriction. They eat mice, gerbils, rats, amphibians, birds, eggs, and even other small mammals. However, baby snakes have a slow metabolism and need … Read more

What do Green Tree Frogs Eat

What do Green Tree Frogs Eat?

Green tree frogs are fascinating animals from the amphibians family. They are popular as pets because of their tiny size, attractive look, and low-maintenance requirements. They are the most common tree frog native to the southeast U.S. from Florida to Virginia. Moreover, there is another variety available in Australia. Most of the green tree frog … Read more

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