Rare Quail Breeds: 8 Quails That Endangered or Extinct

Plow Pulling Farm Animals

6 Most Used Plow Pulling Farm Animals

Plow pulling, as you probably know, is the act of a team of animals drawing a plow through the soil. A farmer will do this to prepare the ground for seeding or planting. From the ancient age, people are using animals to drag Plow. These animals are used to do the thing that a modern … Read more

Farm Dogs for Chickens

The Best and Worst Farm Dogs for Chicken Guarding

Livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) are great at protecting their flock from predators. However, many people who own LGDs don’t realize the full potential of these amazing animals.  In this blog, we will discuss the best & Worst dog for guarding chickens. Importance of Dogs in Protecting Poultry Poultry-guardian dogs are amazing to have around when … Read more

Long Tail Animals

Top 10 Long Tail Animals of the World

If you are wondering about “which animal has the longest tail?” you are in the right place. Here we have listed the top 10 long tail animals in the world. Giraffes longest tail land mammal Sakabula also known as Widowbird is the longest tail bird Jerboa is longest tail robdients. Thresher Shark has the longest … Read more

Laziest Animals With Picture

Top Laziest Animals With Picture & Facts

There are many different species of animals, from insects to mammals, but what are the top animals who are considered the laziest? Like many other lists, this list will be based on a number of factors. What’s not included in the list is the size of an animal. Giraffes can be considered “lazy” compared to … Read more

Animal Lists

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